Global leadership


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We envision …

  • More foreign direct investment in Canada’s minerals sector that benefits Canadians
  • The world’s strongest mining supply and services sector
  • Canada is the undisputed leader in responsible business practices and responsible sourcing
  • Canada has the world’s best national mining brand

Resulting in …

A sharpened competitive edge and increased global leadership for Canada

What is the goal of this strategic direction?

  • Promote trade and foreign direct investment in international markets
  • Attract talent to Canada’s high-tech industry
  • Promote the world’s most innovative mining supply services (MSS) industry
  • Highlight strict adherence to environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles
  • Promote Canada as the responsible, sustainable supplier of choice for minerals and metals  


What are the pan-Canadian initiatives?

A Canada Brand for Mining will drive home the advantages of investing in and exporting from Canada and demonstrate the benefits of Canadian minerals and metals, in one clear, strong and unified voice. A sophisticated brand strategy will enhance Canada’s reputation, improve the sector’s competitiveness, grow exports and attract foreign direct investment. This comprehensive approach will also:

  1. Support the advanced manufacturing industries
  2. Increase MSS sector exports
  3. Provide stakeholders and partners with a suite of tools and resources to leverage the brand

Areas for action

Canada Brand for Mining: A unified voice that demonstrates Canada’s adherence to ESG principles and solidifies Canada’s reputation as the responsible and sustainable supplier of choice for minerals and metals.

Responsible business conduct (RBC): An RBC strategy that could advance Canadian leadership and build RBC capacity for junior- and mid-tier companies.

Increasing minerals trade and investment: The establishment of a minerals trade and investment office could bring together expertise, align resources and increase the impact of promotional efforts.

Supporting the success of the mining supply and services sector: Develop new programs to help MSS companies create export strategies to penetrate global markets and leverage the expertise and resources of industry and trade development agencies to help Canadian firms win new business.

Key actions and resources

To support sector-wide minerals trade and investment and increase the impact of promotional efforts:

  • Invest Canada North forum (Can., Y.T., N.W.T., Nvt.)
  • Alberta Export Expansion Program (Alta.)
  • Invest in Canada’s Foreign Direct Investment Interdepartmental Network (Can.)
  • CanExport Program to provide companies with support to reach international markets (Can.)
  • Trade Diversification Strategy to secure more opportunities for Canadian exporters and investors (Can.)
  • Investments in Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service (Can.)
  • Memorandum of Understanding on the Sustainable Development of Natural Resources with Argentina (Can.)
  • Memorandum of Understanding on the Sustainable Development of Natural Resources with Chile (Can.)
  • Memorandum of Understanding on the Sustainable Development of Natural Resources with Mexico (Can.)
  • Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) Convention  (Assoc.)

To advance responsible business conduct and export Canada’s values abroad:

To further promote innovative Canadian companies and their global solutions:

  • The Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan’s study on Canadian mining supply and services (Can.)
  • Dedicated resources to support Canadian clean technology solutions for mining (Can.)

Action Plan Annexes

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