Learn about mining

The daily experience of Canadians is significantly affected by the countless minerals and metals in the products that shape our quality of life, from toothpaste to smart phones to cars to medical instruments.

Mining is a general term that encompasses a range of activities, including mineral exploration, mineral development, mine production, mineral processing and much more. Canada has a long and successful history of sustainable mineral development and a strong reputation as a leading mining nation. 

Canada’s mining industry

To experience the range of mining exploration in Canada, it would be evident that each province and territory has unique and valuable contributions to Canada’s mining story, each shaping the narrative of Canada as a leading mining nation.

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Critical minerals

Learn about Canada’s list of critical minerals as well as actions and initiatives that help promote Canada’s competitiveness.

Minerals and metals facts

Explore how the minerals sector contributes to the Canadian economy and the every day lives of Canadians.

Pan-Canadian Geoscience Strategy

A collaborative initiative responsible for delivering accessible geoscience data and knowledge for all Canadians.

Sustainable mineral development

Learn how responsible mineral development drives economic activity and benefits Canadians.

Canadian mineral exploration

Find out how mineral exploration ensures the long-term viability of Canada’s mining industry.

Green Mining Innovation

Learn about green technologies, processes and knowledge for sustainable mining.