Advancing the participation of Indigenous Peoples

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We envision…

  • Respect for Aboriginal and treaty rights at the forefront of relationships among governments, Indigenous Peoples and industry
  • Appropriate and meaningful engagement at the earliest stages of mineral projects
  • Communities with enhanced governance, and employment and business capacity for engaging with governments and industry
  • Indigenous women are more supported to participate throughout the minerals sector

Resulting in…

Increased economic opportunities for Indigenous Peoples and supporting the process of reconciliation

What is the goal of the Strategic Direction?

  • Increased economic opportunities for Indigenous Peoples
  • More mutually beneficial relationships in how resources are managed and how benefits are shared
  • Support the process of reconciliation

Advancing the participation of Indigenous Peoples

What are the pan-Canadian Initiatives?

A main focus and pan-Canadian initiative underway is the delivery of conferences on Indigenous procurement in mining across Canada, in partnership with Indigenous business leaders and organizations and provinces and territories. These individual conferences are tailored to reflect the expertise, priorities, and realities of mineral development in each host region.

They aim to increase economic opportunities for Indigenous Peoples and communities and support Indigenous and local business development by equipping them with the expertise needed to secure contracts and enter into various agreements. These conferences facilitate mutually beneficial conversations with industry and other stakeholders and provide information to support Indigenous business development and entrepreneurship.

Following the conferences, a compendium of best practices, success stories and case studies will be published.

Areas for action

Respecting rights: Governments should have tools available to help industry be aware of Aboriginal and treaty rights when undertaking and advancing mineral exploration and mining and ensure that they are at the forefront of relationships.

Meaningful engagement: Industry, Indigenous Peoples and governments should advance opportunities for meaningful engagement, ensuring they are culturally appropriate and undertaken at the earliest possible stage. 

Indigenous women: The federal, provincial and territorial governments, stakeholders and Indigenous Peoples should support the greater participation of women in engagement processes and the mining industry, including by eliminating barriers to employment and increasing women in leadership roles.

Capacity building: Indigenous communities should have resources to meaningfully represent their interests and to pursue employment and business opportunities.

Economic benefits: Industry and governments should explore economic benefit sharing, including long-term benefits such as skills training, employment, business development, and Indigenous procurement plans.

Key actions and resources

To advance opportunities for meaningful engagement on potential projects at the earliest possible stage and in a culturally aware manner:

To support and encourage Indigenous Peoples and communities to realize long-term socio-economic benefits that support communities and sustainable mineral development projects:

To enhance resources for capacity building to support Indigenous Peoples’ participation in the mining industry:

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