Action Plan 2021

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Growth and leadership

Immediately following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Canadian minerals and metals industry demonstrated resiliency and adaptability to ensure the health and safety of its employees and nearby communities. Mining and exploration companies navigated uncertain and volatile markets, challenges to maintaining liquidity, strained supply chains, suspended projects and obstacles in planning for the future. The Canadian industry persevered through unprecedented economic and public health strains to emerge from the pandemic as a global leader that is ready to respond to increasing demand for the key inputs required in the transition to an inclusive low-carbon economy. The Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan (CMMP) is a framework to guide a competitive, future looking minerals and metals industry, and it will continue to serve as a touchstone for the minerals and metals sector as Canada and the world shift toward recovery and growth.

Action Plan 2021 remains focused on implementing the vision. It provides an update on the pan-Canadian initiatives introduced in Action Plan 2020, areas of collaboration identified in Update to Action Plan 2020, and highlights the wealth of actions that federal, provincial and territorial governments, Indigenous organizations, and stakeholders have taken to support Canadian mining. It also introduces an approach to help chart the course forward so that Canada’s mineral and metals sector can continue to prosper across all regions of the country.

Taking stock: Realizing the vision

Tracking accomplishments under the CMMP is essential towards realizing its vision. It helps to identify successful elements, potential gaps and room for growth, and ensure that future actions are implemented effectively and efficiently. An inventory of the various CMMP targets, joint or collaborative actions, and pan-Canadian initiatives will support the:

  • assessment of the progress of implementing the CMMP
  • development and/or identification of key indicators
  • identification of gaps and challenges

The approach includes three components:

  • mineral sector snapshot: Leveraging the Mining Sector Performance Report to assess the influence of the CMMP (e.g., fostering collaboration) in the Canadian minerals and metals sector 
  • implementation progress: Tracking progress on CMMP targets and the pan-Canadian initiatives
  • progress on strategic directions: Providing updates on actions from the federal and provincial/territorial governments, industry and other stakeholders/organizations identified under the CMMP Action Plans through existing public communications

What is the Pan-Canadian Geoscience Strategy (PGS)?

The Pan-Canadian Geoscience Strategy (PGS) will bolster geoscience collaboration and leverage innovation to meet emerging challenges and opportunities. As a federal, provincial and territorial (FPT) collaborative effort, coordinated through the National Geological Surveys Committee (NGSC) and in accordance with the goals of both the CMMP and the Intergovernmental Geoscience Accord, the PGS is a framework to provide geoscience information to underpin the responsible development of Canada’s geo-resources and serve the public good.

The PGS is a foundational pan-Canadian initiative under the Economic Development and Competitiveness strategic direction of the CMMP. Public geoscience supports the entire mining value chain, and has many potential end uses that benefit Canadians. This knowledge can be used to:

  • help assess risk and inform decisions related to land access,
  • ensure public safety,
  • predict geo-hazards
  • support the development of communication, transportation and energy infrastructure
  • identify the mines of tomorrow; and
  • improve Canadian competitiveness.

 Consumers and investors around the globe are searching for reliable and sustainable suppliers of minerals and metals. Canada is primed to meet this unprecedented demand for new and critical minerals as we look to transition to a low-carbon economy.  Such efforts are also required for governments and Canadians to respond to ongoing and emerging challenges such as climate change; support environmental-social-governance (ESG) goals; and take advantage of new scientific and technical opportunities.

What are the Action Plans?

Canada is prepared to respond to increased demand for both traditional and emerging products needed for clean technology applications, industrial uses, infrastructure and more. The CMMP will catalyze actions from governments, industry and others to ensure Canada remains the supplier of choice for global economies. A series of regularly released Action Plans will:

  • achieve the targets indicated in the CMMP’s six strategic directions;
  • highlights commitments and investments made by governments and industry;
  • ensure the Plan remains evergreen;
  • respond to new challenges;
  • capitalize on longer-term opportunities for industry; and,
  • continually report on progress.

Together, the Action Plans pursue the vision of the CMMP that Canada is the leading mining nation.