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Innovation in the mining sector could strongly leverage from new free and public high-resolution data (3D Relief) in the North for enhanced remote exploration (Geoscience) and better environmental assessment. At Canada Centre for Mapping and Earth Observation (NRCan), we now provide more than 3 million km² of free public high-resolution elevation dataset north of the 60th parallel. This is the more precise free elevation dataset available for the North in Canada. More info given in this news:

This type of data has the potential to improve free and public geoscience in Canada and to support innovation in the mining industry. For instance, research should be conducted in enhanced remote predictive mapping using AI and high-resolution elevation data. This new detailed data allow to remotely identify more structure in the relief and to possibly increase the effectiveness in the research of new mine sites. Moreover, more precise elevation data can support more accurate environmental assessment (impacts) prior to or during the development of a mine project.
We believe that the use of high-resolution dataset such as the one mentioned in the above link should be stated at some point in the new Canadian minerals and metals plan.

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