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Portrait de Shaihroz Khan
mai 13, 2018 - 10:28

The trucks and vehicles used for transporting goods from mining site which are located at very remote places such as narrow roads, small bridge to cross etc. can be replaced by trolleys kind of system which can be loaded with ore and then through a trolley based on cables, can be transported to long distances or at least to place which is easily accessible by trucks and finally take them to extraction plant or processing facility. It can be monitored by humans having monitoring stations who earlier had to drive trucks all the way to the site. At the site, there will be a staff for filling in these trolleys and the same would be applicable to the extraction plant as well. Finally, the frequency of these trolleys can be managed from inside a cabin. It is a good solution for Canada as most of the time the mining site is not accessible due to the snow storm or bad weather and transportation of ores at such time can be especially dangerous for human life. Thus this can make it sure that there is little human physical effort and would encourage people or even physically-gifted people or women to take such jobs, who are usually not considered for such heavy-duty tasks.

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