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mai 3, 2018 - 17:27

Work with existing companies, like Canadian Ballard Power, to develop hydrogen (H2) power systems for mine equipment. Nikola in the US has already demonstrated the cost efficiency of H2 class 8 trucks and has just received an order for 800 of their trucks from one company.
Ballard works with train, bus and truck manufacturers around the world providing H2 systems and they have proven records.
If the mine(s) can be connected to the grid it would be best. Electrify as much as possible and H2 or H2 hybrid systems for highly mobile equipment.
The H2 generation systems could be designed to produce a days worth during off peak hours, there by levelling the daily load on the grid and improving the efficiency of grid generation and lowering cost for all users.
Some mobile equipment could use batteries, but H2 systems are lighter, very important for haul trucks. Overhead power lines and pantographs could be used to boost the trucks on grades. If the trucks were hybrid they could regenerate electricity when descending into pits.
Most of this equipment is already available but not integrated together into mining.

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