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On a day to day basis you are exposed to countless minerals and metals in the products you rely on from toothpaste to smart phones to cars to medical instruments.

Mining is a general term that encompasses a range of activities, including mineral exploration, mineral development, mine production, mineral processing and much more. Canada has a long and successful history of sustainable mineral development and a strong reputation as a leading mining nation.

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Help Wanted: 100,000 Workers Needed to Sustain Canada's Modern Mining Industry

Canada's mining sector is facing an uphill battle. Almost half of the present workforce is over 45 years of age and 60,000 people will retire in the next decade. Another 25,000 to 30,000 people will leave for other reasons. As a result, almost 100,000 new workers will be needed over the next 10 years to meet sector labour supply requirements.

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A collaborative industry

If you took a mining tour of the country, you could see that each province and territory has unique contributions to Canada’s mining story.

Find out how provinces and territories manage their mineral and other natural resources :