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On a day to day basis you are exposed to countless minerals and metals in the products you rely on from toothpaste to smart phones to cars to medical instruments.

Mining is a general term that encompasses a range of activities, including mineral exploration, mineral development, mine production, mineral processing and much more. Canada has a long and successful history of sustainable mineral development and a strong reputation as a leading mining nation.

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Mining for Music

Two seemingly unrelated events kicked off in Canada this Monday: Canadian Music Week and National Mining Week. On the surface, they look to be reaching out to quite different audiences, but if we dig deeper, we see that one cannot exist without the other.

Canadian-made Responsible Mining Initiative Answers Global Demand for Supply Chain Transparency

Manufacturers, particularly in the technology and automotive sectors, are under increasing pressure from customers to demonstrate that products are made with responsibly sourced materials.

A collaborative industry

If you took a mining tour of the country, you could see that each province and territory has unique contributions to Canada’s mining story.

Find out how provinces and territories manage their mineral and other natural resources :