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What We Have Heard – From Academia

April 15–20 – CMMP engagement sessions with Carleton University and the University of British Columbia

Takeaways included:

  • A lack of mineral literacy in the general public

There is a lack of understanding not only of mining in general but also of its importance for the Canadian economy. A national awareness campaign would help rectify this situation.

  • A lack of understanding of mining as a career

There is a lack of knowledge of the breadth of the mining sector in terms of how many career possibilities it offers. A key target would be getting high school students interested in mining as a career.

  • A need for academic recruitment

There is a decline in the number of people choosing to study mining engineering and Earth sciences. A key component in informing young people is to demonstrate the scope of the industry and highlight job possibilities and opportunities.

  • A need for better coordination of national innovation and research efforts

There should be collaboration with the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada to improve funding for mining innovation and to drive recognition of the “future of mining” in academic institutions.