Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan

The future of mining in Canada

Minerals and metals contribute to Canadians’ lives every day. They are the building blocks of our communities and are found in countless products in our daily lives.  

Our mining industry is a significant contributor to prosperity for Canadians—providing jobs, supporting communities, and attracting investment. As we look to the future of mining in Canada, we have an opportunity to be bold in our vision and put plans in place to cement our status as a global mining leader.

To achieve this, federal, provincial and territorial governments need your ideas to help build a comprehensive Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan. Together, we can build a Plan that positions Canadian mining for long-term success—at home and abroad.

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Canada’s exploration and mining industry is at a crossroads.

Market demand is changing; innovation and technology are transforming the industry; and securing social licence is the norm.

Canada’s brand is strong, but we face global competition.

Fortunately Canada has many strengths, including: significant mineral deposits; being the global centre for exploration and mining financing; and partnerships with Indigenous peoples.

It’s time for a new plan based on a clear vision. But what does that vision look like?

We see a modern mining industry, driven by innovation and clean tech.

We see higher productivity and lower emissions.

We see greater public confidence in mining projects as drivers of sustainable development and creators of jobs, especially in Indigenous and remote communities.

And we see more women working in every aspect of the industry and more Indigenous-owned companies.

We’re on our way, but there is work to do.

To realize this vision, we are currently developing a Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan, together with provincial and territorial governments, Indigenous communities, and industry.

The plan will help establish Canada as the leading mining nation—laying the foundation for lasting success at home and abroad.

It is a shared vision, rooted in concrete action, that draws upon Canada’s numerous strengths and collaboration among industry, Indigenous groups, governments and others.

The industry is a key player in our transition to a modern economy.

And mining is an integral part of our highly connected world, from smartphones to electric vehicles and countless other clean technologies.

A Canadian Minerals and Metals Strategy would galvanize the efforts of our partners, while reminding Canadians that mining products are essential in our day-to-day lives.

We have the deposits. We have the expertise. We have unparalleled access to capital markets. We have the brand. And we have the partners.

It’s time to bring all of these elements together into a united strategy.

To plan for success.

And not only anticipate the future of mining in Canada, but create it.