Mining Ideas for the Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan: A Discussion Paper

Hundreds of thousands of Canadians have built a mining industry that is among the world’s largest producers of minerals and metals. No matter its many forms — whether exploration and mining in northern, remote and isolated communities or legal and financial activities in urban centres such as Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal — mining affects lives across the country.

This discussion paper is a starting point for a pan-Canadian plan for the future of mining in Canada. It provides context, areas of focus and questions on how we can strengthen the minerals and metals industry.

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What is the Plan?
Mining in Canada

Explore the potential areas of focus:

Unlocking Canada's Resource Potential

Areas for discussion:

  • What are the biggest challenges facing the exploration industry?
  •  How can we close the “infrastructure gap” and support mineral development projects?

Igniting Innovation

Areas for discussion:

  • How can we increase innovation and clean technology in Canada’s mines, and export this expertise?
  • How do we balance the benefits that emerging technologies (e.g., AI and automation) with their impacts on workers and communities?

Canadian leadership

Areas for discussion:

  • What can we do to better support the success of Canadian companies abroad?
  • How can we attract more foreign direct investment into Canada’s minerals and metals industry?

Providing regulatory certainty

Areas for discussion:

  • How can governments streamline our regulatory environment?
  • How do we build a framework that allows us to capitalize on opportunities?

Community +<br />

Areas for discussion:

  • What can be done to ensure that benefits are realized for communities?
  • What can be done to build a skilled workforce that is more diverse?

Indigenous participation

Areas for discussion:

  • What can we help industry build relationships and advance projects with Indigenous partners?
  • How can we advance the participation of Indigenous peoples in the industry?

We need your help

You are invited to collaborate with your peers to consider the vision for a comprehensive Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan and set a course to achieve it.