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Engagement with the Yukon Conservation Society

November 17, 2018 – Whitehorse, Yukon

Members of the Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan Secretariat met with the Yukon Conservation Society and discussed key issues including capacity building for Indigenous communities to engage with industry, responsible resource sharing, and the carbon levy.

Representatives from Natural Resources Canada also met with participants at the Yukon Geoscience and Trade Show Forum and facilitated a workshop to gauge participant feedback on the Plan.  Approximately 40 participants engaged in a discussion about each of the six Strategic Directions and indicated which actions they would most like to see under the Plan. These actions included:

  • Streamlining all grant programs into a single portal to assist access, facilitate research and ensure that funding programs are systematically reported to industry.
  • Working with local communities to help develop organizational capacity and governance structures to deliver more community benefits.
  • Developing a national program to help build community capacity for permitting process, employment readiness, business opportunities and Impact Benefit Agreement negotiations.
  • Establishing a process for substitution (one project, one process) between federal, provincial and territorial frameworks that will be adopted and implemented.
  • Providing greater clarity on the role of environmental assessments within a dynamic and growing mining sector and ensure federal authorities have appropriate resources to conduct efficient and timely environmental assessment processes.
  • Reviewing Canadian tax policy and other investment factors with a view to being a top quartile nation in terms of cost competitiveness.