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Engagement Session with First Nations Communities in Sudbury

April 24 – Sudbury, Ontario

Members of the Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan (CMMP) team met with representatives from local First Nations communities at the Vale Living with Lakes Centre, at Laurentian University. Key points from the session included:

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  • There should be increased procurement opportunities and relationships for Indigenous groups in the mining industry.
  • The Government should communicate with leadership within First Nations groups to understand their community's objectives.
  • Cultural awareness should be at the forefront of the CMMP. There should be more opportunities for industry members to learn about the importance of consultations with First Nations communities, First Nations culture and their training. Members would then be able to develop better interaction approaches with Indigenous communities and businesses.
  • Indigenous communities need more training and capacity to teach and participate in different mining initiatives, such as those concerning environmental protection.
  • The CMMP should enable the development of specific training opportunities for First Nations interested in joining the mining industry.
  • First Nations communities that have good relationships with the mining industry should work on best practices that could be used elsewhere.