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Engagement Session with Experts in Sudbury

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April 24 – Sudbury, Ontario

Experts at this session discussed topics and needs related to innovation, improvements for foreign investments, and development and education. Key points included:


  • Address the need to improve collaboration and communication among industry, government and academia with an organized system bringing all these parties together.
  • The Government should provide incentives for mining companies to encourage them to excel and become green.
  • New exploration tools are needed (e.g., to predict and target areas more efficiently, to improve our understanding of how deposits form, for data management tools, for geophysics). The Government and the industry should match investment dollars for exploration if tools are to be created and used by the industry.
  • The difference between exploration and mining needs to be considered in the Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan (CMMP). Each area includes a different set of needs and different interactions with partners and Indigenous groups in the mining sector.
  • The CMMP should start with the outcome, setting expectations and goals, then deal with barriers and mining innovation.

Improve foreign investments

  • A logo or a "Canadian brand" could be created to help with the daily promotion of Canada as a leader in the mining industry and be used to brand Canada at the international level.
  • The Canadian mining story must be told in a way that will compel politicians and decision-makers to attract more investments.
  • Developing clear goals would help rally government around funding.

Diverse workforce, mineral literacy and Indigenous participation

  • Developing the North and communities, as well as sustaining First Nations is necessary.
  • The importance of metal and minerals must be communicated and promoted.
  • Schools need to work with the mining industry to ensure students learn about this industry and its role in their lives. Science communicators could generate interest in the CMMP and deliver the mining message across Canada.
  • Career days would help showcase the wealth of employment opportunities in the mining industry.
  • Educating other areas of government and getting them involved is important to eliminate any perceptions about mining being yesterday's story or a sunset industry.