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Engagement at the Exploration, Mining and Petroleum Conference

November 5, 2018 – Fredericton, New Brunswick

Representatives from the Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan Secretariat attended and gave a short presentation at the Exploration, Mining and Petroleum Conference in Fredericton. Attendees identified the actions as priorities that can be undertaken by government and stakeholders to advance the development of the Plan that include:

  • Establishing a process for substitution ("one project, one process") between federal, provincial and territorial frameworks
  • Developing a national program to help build community capacity for permitting processes, employment readiness, business opportunities and Impact Benefit Agreement negotiations
  • Investing in early childhood education for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) with a focus on girls, Indigenous Peoples and visible minorities
  • Sponsoring programs that foster development of green technologies that could be used in the reprocessing of historical waste piles where sulfides and precious metals could be recovered, and facilitating new recycling technologies to extract metals from tailings and mine waste
  • Creating a strong ecosystem for innovation by leveraging key organizations that provide leadership and expertise
  • Organizing trade delegations, business-to-business/investor meetings to showcase Canadian clean technology for the mining sector in key partner countries