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Nov 1, 2018 - 20:19

As currently lead by the Australians (various papers by Heinson, Begg, Griffith, O'Reilly, etc) - the next stage for mineral exploration is the entire "Mineral System" approach using geophysical methods such as magnetotellurics and seismic (active and passive) to target lithospheric scale fluid conduits. Various countries now have significant broadband seismometer arrays (e.g. US EarthScope, Alparray, AusArray, Chinese Sinoprobe) which can be used to provide the background sub-continental lithospheric mantle features, which can then be used to define regions for "densification" using other geophysical techniques. Canada does not have such a facility - but this is being proposed through the new EON-ROSE research initiative which could be used as a platform to catch up to these other countries.

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