Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan

The future of mining in Canada

Minerals and metals contribute to Canadians’ lives every day. They are the building blocks of our communities and are found in countless products in our daily lives. 

Our mining industry is a significant contributor to prosperity for Canadians—providing jobs, supporting communities, and attracting investment. As we look to the future of mining in Canada, we have an opportunity to be bold in our vision and put plans in place to cement our status as a global mining leader.

To achieve this, federal, provincial and territorial governments need your ideas to help build a comprehensive Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan. Together, we can build a Plan that positions Canadian mining for long-term success—at home and abroad.

Explore the potential areas of focus:

Igniting Innovation in Mining

Innovation is a key ingredient to the success of the mineral and metals industry. Mining involves complicated processes, the use of large, expensive machinery and equipment, and exploring extensive areas of land.

Regulating mining in Canada

Federal, provincial and territorial environmental and regulatory regimes for mining must safeguard the interests of Canadians and have the confidence of the public.

Realizing Community Benefits and Supporting a Diverse Workforce

Mining projects are large projects with a significant presence in communities and regions. Their lifecycle can span decades from pre-exploration to closure, and they cost hundreds of millions of dollars or more to build and operate. Often situated close to northern, remote, isolated and Indigenous communities, these projects can drive community development by bringing socio-economic benefits such as employment, training, procurement and business and infrastructure development.

Advancing the Participation of Indigenous Peoples

Mining projects providing opportunities for Indigenous communities

Canadian Leadership in a Global Market

A strong Canadian mining industry is about successful, sustainable mining and associated activities taking place on Canadian soil. It is also about the global competitiveness of Canadian companies operating abroad.